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New Mexico Divorce Overview

Our Goal

Our goal at our law firm is to ensure that you attain the outcomes that matter to you regarding your divorce. Everyone places a value on what they want from their divorce, and no two cases are the same. We will vigorously fight for what you value most, whether it's a quick resolution, visitation with your children, an increase or decrease in child support, or an alimony amount that will eliminate stress in your life. When handling legal matters and providing legal advice that could impact you and your children's future, we utilize our expertise, experience, and knowledge in family law.

Types of Divorce In New Mexico

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the available options to determine what is most suitable for your particular circumstances. Our services cover all types of divorces, such as uncontested, mediated, collaborative, litigated, and limited scope representation.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce may be possible if the spouses agree on getting a divorce and dividing assets and debts.

Mediated Divorce

Both spouses work toward resolution with the help of a single attorney who acts as a neutral third party in a mediated divorce and provides no legal advice.

Collaborative Divorce

The parties and their attorneys have complete control over the specialized divorce process of collaborative divorce, with an upfront agreement to avoid litigation.

Litigated Divorce

When your attorney files a petition for divorce, litigation involves taking it through procedural steps that may include numerous hearings and possibly a trial.

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